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Step up to High Production
The LT40 Super Hydraulic has what it takes to be profitable and productive. Packed with high-performance features, this mill is designed for sawyers who want to make money.

Step up to High Production

  -  Double the hydraulic speed of the regular LT40 Hydraulic
  -  Deluxe Accuset2 Setworks controls standard.
  -  Standard Board Return system and 38 hp gas engine.

The Wood-Mizer Difference
  - The  trapezoid shaped bed design makes blade changes and offbearing easier.
  - Odd shaped, knotty logs are easier to saw with the open sided sawing head .

Dimensions (With Trailer Package)
Length 26’-2” (8m)
Width 6’-6” (2m)
Height (max head position) 11' (3.3m)
Weight (with heaviest power options) 4210lbs (1909kg)
Power Options
38 HP (28.1kW) Gasoline Standard
47 HP (35kW) Diesel Optional
25 HP (18.5kW) 3 phase electric Optional
Maximum Cutting Capacities
Log Lengths 21' (6.4m) and up to 45' (13m) w/ BX
Log Diameter 36” (91cm)
Production Rates up to 675 BF/HR
Operator Position Walk Along
Ride Along (Optional)
Stationary (Optional)
Wireless (Optional)
Feed System 12V Electric - Power Feed
Head Up/Down 12V Electric
Computer Setworks Accuset2
Log Loading Hydraulic Loading Arms
Log Turner Hydraulic Claw
Toeboards 2 Hydraulic Roller Toeboards
Log Clamp Hydraulic Two-Place Clamp
Board Return Board Return Arm & Receiving Table 
Blade Engage Electric
Blade Tensioning Hydraulic Crank 
Blade Lubrication Auto Engage
Blade Arm In/Out Electric
Other Specs
Outriggers Quick-Set Adjustable Outriggers 
Blades .045” (1.14mm) thick x 1.25” (32mm) wide
.055” (1mm) thick x 1.25” (32mm) wide
.045” (1.14mm) thick x 1.5” (32mm) wide
.055” (1mm) thick x 1.5” (32mm) wide
Warranty/Money Back Guarantee 5 yr Chassis, 2 yr Limited/30 Day
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